RECAP – #GamerGate Weekly Summary May 30th-Jun 5th

A summary of some of the major happenings this week from the GamerGate consumer revolt and related controversies. Jenn Frank, Lana Polansky, and Super Hexagon! The FTC, Baby Seals and Outbrain, Airplay!

I’m @TheQuQu on Twitter! I don’t bite and I’ve had all my shots.


Outbrain Operation Instructions!!!

[Goal] – Hit Gawker where it hurts; ad-affiliate Outbrain from KotakuInAction

Qu Qu in studio image by Ku Kuru Yo!

Jenn Frank’s Patreon:

The article in question:


Lana Polansky and Jenn Frank:

Jenn Frank and Terry Cavanagh
KiA posts

Article on FTC guidelines:

FTC Endorsement Guide Now Includes Game Reviews, YouTubers, Affiliate Links

The guidelines themselves
Reddit thread on what part GG played:

[Reminder] What part, exactly, did GamerGate play in the new FTC guidance? Well, it was this … from KotakuInAction

FTC speaking out about native advertising:

Airplay update!





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