RECAP – #GamerGate Weekly Summary Jun 6th-12th

A summary of some of the major happenings this week from the GamerGate consumer revolt and related controversies. Deepfreeze ads! Reddit revolts! New ethics policies! And Airplay!

I’m @TheQuQu on Twitter! I don’t bite and I’ve had all my shots.



Qu Qu image by Ku Kuru Yo!


Airplay update:

Deepfreeze ad campaign:

Reddit subreddit deletions:

KiA emergency escape plan:

Crazy biased VOAT article from The Daily Dot

GameRanx ethics policy!
William Usher article on it. Give him some views:

#GamerGate: GameRanx Updates Ethics Policy

SRS’s new rules:

Ghazi open letter:

ikigaii’s analysis of the open letter.





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