RECAP – #GamerGate Weekly Summary Jun 13th-19th

A summary of some of the major happenings this week from the GamerGate consumer revolt and related controversies. E3 Drama! E3 Drama! And more E3 Drama!

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BoogiepopRobin’s discovery between Laura Kate of IndieHaven & Louise James.

Qu Qu image by Ku Kuru Yo!

David Auerbach · @AuerbachKeller –
Sour Gripes: E3, the AAAs, and the Journos

IBTimes article lamenting the lack of AAA pubs addressing GG:

McIntosh’s deleted DOOM tweet:

More McIntosh DOOMY nonsense:

Clip of DOOM II is from this playthrough by Synaesthesia:


Facebook post by DOOM artists


Adrian’s tweet:
TB’s tweet:


Ghazi calling FemFreq reductionist and lacking credibility


Anita’s tweet about the E3 badge:

Blockbot person objecting to FemFreq’s tweet

Squeenix Official tweet on Mechanical Apartheid:

Outraged tweets:


Gita’s tweets:

Giles’ response;


Kotaku UK linking to KiA

Mark Kern coming out as part of the consumer revolt:

William Usher article:

Jensen VA:


Polygon deleting links:

FemFreak poster tweets:

Begley poster:

Poverty Pimp poster:





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