RECAP – #GamerGate two week Summary Jul 4th-17th

A summary of some of the major happenings the last two weeks from the events known as GamerGate. Covers Airplay being even more dramatic than usual, and Gawker screwing up royally.

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Ku Kuro Yo’s article in Spanish

¿Que es Gamergate? Explicado para españoles

Airplay stuff:
Mostly from


Archive of original schedule

Oliver not attending:

Email campaigns back on!

Gawker is terrible!
The article:
The trending:
The SPJ Ethics tweet and article:
mombot’s tweet:

USA Today article:
HuffPo article: wiki:

Gawker taking it down,, Nick Denton barely apologizing

Teardown of the study:

Are Teen Boys Against Sexualized Women?

League For Gamers signups:





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