RECAP – #GamerGate summary, 1st half of August

A summary of some of the major happenings from the first half of August from the events known as GamerGate. Covers SPJ Airplay (with opinion), Critical Distance’s lack of professional distance, and more!

I’m @TheQuQu on Twitter! I don’t bite and I’ve had all my shots.

Qu Qu was involved in planning of the Airplay event, including private consultation during the script writing process. This notice serves as disclosure that this may bias coverage of the event due to having vested interest in its success. Please click here for more details:

Morning panel:

Fixed audio:

Afternoon Panel:

SPJ Airplay Abridged Cut:

Footage after the threat:

Critical Distance & Carly Smith.

TechRaptor and Gratipay:

[Updated] A Warning on Gratipay’s Application Process

Gratipay Followup: A Necessity for Clarity

David Auerbach’s articles on blocklists:

8chan being removed:

8chan Removed From Google Search Results [Updated]

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Qu Qu looking happy image by @StripedTabby1
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