RECAP – #GamerGate summary, 2nd half of August

A summary of some of the major happenings from the second half of August from the events known as GamerGate. Covers the departure of TFYC, the Airplay aftermath, and Samit Sarkar and Harmonix, and more!

I’m @TheQuQu on Twitter.

Qu Qu was involved in planning of the Airplay event, including private consultation during the script writing process. This notice serves as disclosure that this may bias coverage of the event due to having vested interest in its success. Please see link for more details:


TFYC Departure:

A_PLANT_ departure:

Rise Miami News:

Koretzky: Premature Evacuation

Polygon article on the bomb threat:


MGSV is “The Game of the Year – Guaranteed” says Konami

Review process:

Samit Sarkar deepfreeze:

Music for the SarkarQuest parody is from Brodyquest:

Qu Qu at desk image by Ku Kuru Yo!
Qu Qu looking happy image by @StripedTabby1
Qu Qu avatar by alex_zorak





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