Is YouTube going to be Zoe Quinn’s next target for censorship?

She’s clearly gunning for Twitter-style selective/subjective TOS “enforcement”

Music: OCReMix 821
Game: Perfect Dark (Rare, 2000, N64)
ReMixer(s): Danny Baranowsky
Composer(s): David Clynick, Graeme Norgate, Grant Kirkhope
Song(s): Crash Site: Confrontation
Posted: 2002-10-26, evaluated by the judges

Script by @Azu_Rayn and @TheQuQu
Video content by @Azu_Rayn
Audio by @TheQuQu

Be sure to read the whole tweet chain:

Chelsea asking for stronger TOS enforcement on YouTube

Chealsea’s first tweet:

Chealsea’s second tweet:

Polygon reporting on Forbs’ 30 Under 30 List:

Adam Baldwin’s first tweet (now deleted):

Adam Baldwin’s second tweet:

Chealsea’s third tweet:

MundaneMatt’s tweet:

Hell hath no fury like a lover’s scorn:

Pëll Dalipi:





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