Give Elsa A Furry Girlfriend!


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Winter Fantasy 2:
So Disney, since you’re gonna make Frozen 2:
Is Queen Elsa, well, queer?
Archive of Our Own – Anna/Elsa (Frozen):*s*Elsa%20(Frozen)/works
1st Elsanna picture:
With Kung Fu Panda 3, DreamWorks’ Chinese gamble looks like it’s starting to pay off:
Kindred Spirits on the Roof – Yuri Bunnies:
@reverendanthony tweet:
Furry Elsa picture:
Elsa selfcest picture:
2nd Elsanna picture:
China’s military has a new enemy: Disney’s ‘Zootopia’:
Picture at the end where I give special thanks::

Titlecard Elsanna picture:
Elsa Pony picture:

OC ReMix #402: DuckTales ‘The Amazon Session’ [The Amazon] by Gux:

Script & Video: @Azu_Rayn
Voice work: @TheQuQu





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