Hot Take: YouTube Paid Promotions, WB, and The Pewds

Poul Anderson was a better writer than J. R.R. Tolkien anyway.

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EA Gets Outed For Paying YouTubers For Positive Battlefield 4, Need For Speed Coverage:
Third Law Firm Levies Lawsuit Against EA Broken Battlefield 4:
Hello Influencers!
Warner Bros. Settles FTC Charges It Failed to Adequately Disclose It Paid Online Influencers to Post Gameplay Videos:
@pewdiepie tweet:
Shadow of Mordor – Gameplay – Part 1 (Gamescom Demo) ULTIMATE ORC SLAYING!
The Verge – PewDiePie and other YouTubers took money from Warner Bros. for positive game reviews:
@Kotaku tweet:

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OC Remix 01279: Lords of the Realm II The Siege of Kenilworth Castle OC ReMix:
OC ReMix #60: Dune ‘Arrakis (Wormsign Mix)’ [Dune Variation] by Bart Klepka:

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QuQu art by @PantyGremlin:
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Seriously, Three Hearts and Three Lions is fantastic. It’s way better than either Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, both the books and the movies.





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