Nick Denton: Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Ryan Holiday warned you!
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Univision Agrees To Buy Gawker Assets For $135 Million:
Hulk Hogan jurors to learn Gawker, Nick Denton are worth $200M:
Gawker Media Network Traffic and Demographic Statistics by Quantcast:
“According to the filling obtained by Politico, Denton personally owes Hogan – real name Terry Gene Bollea – $10 million, and jointly liable for $115 million.”
(Big thanks to TheBaconFromHell for the tip! )

Script and video editing by @Azu_Rayn

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QuQu art by @PantyGremlin:

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OC ReMix #188: Super Mario RPG ‘Bukki’s Tango’ [Welcome to Booster Tower] by McVaffe:

Why didn’t you listen?! You could’ve stopped this!





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