Furries Don’t Have to Be Your Audience Anymore; Furries Are Over!

Bored to death of talking animals? The Furry Fandom reaches its mid-life crisis.
Drop by #burgersandfries on Rizon IRC, or http://ddm.moe on Teamspeak if you want to chat.

Study: More women than teenage boys are gamers: http://archive.is/ugBUd
Dan Golding – The End of Gamers: http://archive.is/blexQ
List of Gamers Are Dead articles: http://archive.is/tZRFg

Music credits: OC ReMix #140: Donkey Kong Country ‘Ambient Gemini’ [Aquatic Ambiance] by McVaffe: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00140

QuQu art by; @PantyGremlin: https://inkbunny.net/PantyGremlin

Video edited by @Azu_Rayn

An awful week to care about talking animals.





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