QuQu Media Grand Opening!

Welcome to QuQu Media!

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while now—a more formal media platform where I can publish whatever content I find to be relevant to my interests. While in the past I had been relying on the generosity of others to get my message out there, I am now pleased to be able to offer a platform where I can self-publish, and also help others to spread their messages.

QuQu Media will exist at the intersection of the various struggles across many subcultures. In this initial phase, it will contain backups of existing works that we had published on places like Twitlonger. Going forward, you will see original works on the topic of gaming, comics, literature, and more. You may even see the creation of new cultural artifacts, as we are open to publishing written word of a fictional nature as well.

Our society is currently in a state where access to the tools of cultural creation and curation are being slowly taken over by gatekeepers, who all seem to have nearly exactly the same political and social views. QuQu Media seeks to be yet another way to crawl under that gate.

Initially, it will serve as a platform to publish our own content and provide additional commentary. Going forward, we will allow submissions by others to be published here.

At the start, Dan Wolfgang and I will act as the two chief editors, writers, and curators. Until we establish a set of formal submission guidelines, feel free to submit works that you would like to see published to us directly for manual review. Contact us at submissions[at]ququ-media.com.

Thank you for joining us, and I look forward to your submissions and comments!






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    • The only Disqus plugin I can find hasn’t been updated in months and is reviewing horribly, sadly.

      I’ll keep my eyes open for if Disqus integration works better again in the future.

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