The Ideological Conquest of Science Fiction Literature

QuQu talks about how the field of Science Fiction literature was taken over by Far Left ideologues.
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Script, digging and editing by @Azu_Rayn

‘Real Gamers’ Are Freaking Out Because a New Indie Game Was Named ‘Best Ever’
Shocking: The Classic Video Games That We Didn’t Know Were Problematic Until Now:
“The Legend of Zelda” is classist, sexist and racist:
A Blow has been Struck Against Puppy Related Sadness:
The Walls Are Falling Down:
Chen Visits the Vet:
Anti-Pulp Revolutions:
This is why we need the #AltFurry:
MidAmeriCon (1976) Worldcon – Alfred Bester interview:
Breakfast in the Ruins, by Barry Malzberg:
Mutation or Death:
Sorry, Sad Puppies: Science Fiction Has Always Been Political:
The Futurians and the 1939 World Science Fiction Convention:
The Great Exclusion Act of 1939:
Unite or Fie!
Castalia House: In Search Of Wonder:
Damon Knight’s Conan review:
The Unauthorized Lord of the Rings:
@PatrickRothfuss tweet:
@seananmcguire tweets:*
Ballantine Adult Fantasy:
How Thor Power Hammered Publishing:
George RR Martin revolutionised how people think about fantasy:
The Pulp Magazine Archive:

Appendix N: A Literary History of Dungeons & Dragons:
The First Draft of My Appendix N Book
Before The Golden Age, Book 1, by Isaac Asimov:
Breakfast In The Ruins, by Barry N. Malzberg:
The Futurians, by Damon Knight:
In Search of Wonder, by Damon Knight:

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Don’t read anything after 1980! :^)





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