FurAffinity Bans Right Leaning Furries, Ignores Antifa

FurAffinity is a popular furry art site which was founded in 2005. Today, they updated section 2.7 of their code of conduct to include the Alt-Right in their ban of “real hate or terrorist organizations and their ideologies.”

(Updated Rule) Code of Conduct, Section 2.7 – Do not identify with or promote real hate or terrorist organizations and their ideologies.

A hate group is one that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a designated sector of society (e.g. Nazism, KKK, ISIS, Alt-Right). Symbols of hate associated with these groups (e.g. Swastika, Confederate Flag, etc.) will not be permitted in user avatars, real-life photographs (unless for historical education), and content intended solely to disrupt the community. Users who identify with or promote real hate or terrorist organizations and their ideologies may be permanently banned from Fur Affinity without warning.

This is following the usual leftist outcry when FA refused to ban Nazi art posts.


A post on the site by FA staff states why they’re now banning Alt-Right accounts from the site.

Why did you add Alt-Right to your examples of hate groups?

We didn’t initially recognize the Alt-Right as a hate group since the movement was relatively new and made up of many different voices. As time has passed, it has been officially classified as a hate group by many reputable organizations who closely monitor hate and terrorist group activities. We have also identified many accounts and monitored numerous, coordinated activities rooted in spreading hate and furthering instability within the community through the use of our website – these accounts have now been closed. It has been determined that the Alt-Right majorly consists of white supremacists, neo-fascists, and other fringe hate groups. If you identify as or promote Alt-Right ideologies (e.g. Alt-Furry and Furry Raiders) on Fur Affinity, you may be permanently banned.

The post also states why they chose to allow Antifa accounts to stay on FA.

What about Antifa, “Alt-Left” and the Alt-Light (New Right)?

At this time, we could not find enough evidence to consider Antifa a hate group and what was provided appeared to be of false-equivalence. There has been voiced concern about their operations on Fur Affinity and we have and will continue to monitor and take action against any user who promotes or encourages illegal activites and violence on our website as per our rules. Concerning the Alt-Left, there is no evidence one exists, and the Alt-Light or New Right has specifically distanced themselves from the Alt-Right and openly rejected hate and identity politics.

So according to FurAffinity, Antifa, that group best known for beating people up with bike locks and spraypainting “liberals get the bullet too” on brick walls, is not equivalent to the right wing groups they are banning. And of course he denies the existence of the Alt-Left. He acts as if there’s no difference between lunatics like Brianna Wu and sane leftists like Count Dankula.

The post then goes on to say that FA will not ban users for off-site behavior, but as you are about to see, that’s a pack of lies.

The above tweet is of one such user who was banned from FA today under the new code of conduct. His only crime is complaining about the AltFurry blocklist on Twitter. He even has a tweet from December of 2017 distancing himself from the label. Yet he was still banned, for off-site behavior.

This is important because it proves that FA is not evenly enforcing their rules. They have banned some users for off-site behavior, but not others. They say that they’ll ban “…any user who promotes or encourages illegal activites and violence…” but there are FA users who have encouraged violence who are still allowed on the site. Deo’s FA account is still on the site, despite teaching her antifa buddies how to get away with punching nazis.

So to make this perfectly clear, FurAffinity is perfectly fine with someone who advocates for political violence, but putting the #AltFurry hashtag in your Twitter bio is a bannable offense.

There’s also a Twitter user named @dumpstercryptid who’s been finding and reporting FA accounts for wrong think. One user he reported (now banned) because their skin wasn’t red enough.


And of course this CoC update isn’t enough for him to return to the site. Give SJWs an inch, and they’ll take your arm off. In my opinion, dumpstercryptid wasn’t disciplined enough by his parents growing up.

But to get back to FurAffinity, I’ve never had a high opinion of the site, to be honest. I’ve said before that I’ve been reading furry comics and lurking for at least now, but I never actually participated until recently because of how awful FA’s site is.

There’s also the question as to whether this update to the CoC will kill their site or not. Well, that will depend entirely upon who they ban and whether they tighten their rules even more (they will.) If they only ban regular users who only use the site for faving and interacting with others, then it won’t kill them. FA has too many popular artists who only post their art to the site. Why they do this is beyond my understanding, but so long as they don’t start banning major content creators, they’ll still live.

That said, we know full well that you can never satisfy an SJW. No matter what rules you put in place, it will never be enough for them. They will demand additional rules against wrong think.

The thing is, the Alt-Right which the post on FA describes does not exist. Sure, there’s Richard Spencer’s crew at AltRight dot com, but did any of the people FA banned today have any connection with Spencer’s parade of nazi LARPers? Am I really expected to believe that Richard Spencer has friends with accounts on FurAffinity? Look at the tweets of users complaining about being banned from FA (listed below.) Do any of them have ties to group calling itself the “Alt-Right”?

No, in the case of FurAffinity, they describe an “Alt-Right” which does not exist. What they describe is just The Right. The users they banned were just your average right wingers, with political views that most Americans outside of coastal cities agree with. Go look at the Twitter feeds of the users who were banned and ask yourself what’s so awful and horrible about what they believe.

FurAffinity has made it clear that they side with The Left with rule enforcement. This means that the rules will be used against right wing furries more and more as time goes on. Eventually, only left wing communists will be allowed to post on the site.

But anyway, here is a sample of the users who were banned from FA today.

But to answer your question, Roy, my guess is the Hans Hermann Hoppe wing of the Alt-Right. :^)






  1. awwww does da widdle dwumpfykin snowfwake need a safe space?

    you must feel so oppressed not being allowed to be on websites while pretending not to want to murder all the trans* people of color.

    • Well… Actually… A lot of their intellectual property is hosted on there. To not be able to access it because some CoC’s changed without sufficient notice, is just as bad as the fascists themselves.

    • I find it interesting you sarcastically address the author as a baby, when you seem to sincerely believe they actually want to kill a group of people. I’d say you need to educate yourself, but you’re probably suffering from some highly advanced brain damage, so any effort would be a waste of time.

    • My mistake, I guess I should just be the guy who actively states to want to genocide straight white males and people who aren’t left leaning

  2. Well I think the way this went about was terribly wrong. One can not just change their T’s and C’s and ban all the people without giving them a chance or a warning first.

    “Oh we allowed you to do it in the past, but now we have changed our minds and no longer want it so fuck off.” I’m sorry, if it was within the rules then, and you change your mind, you should be giving sufficient notice to comply before you just ban people.

    Also, if you ban one hate group, you should ban the other. There will be no peace until there is consistency.

      • I certainly agree with this. I just assumed it needn’t be mentioned. xD

        To ban someone for stuff they did somewhere else is ludacris and highly immature to say the least.

  3. “dumpstercryptid wasn’t disciplined enough by his parents growing up.”
    Hate to break it to you but child abuse MAKES children violent and racist, not the other way around. I honestly hope you don’t plan to have kids yourself if you agree with beating them. Keep in mind many children die depending on how badly they were beaten.

  4. I joined FA last month as i wanted to branch out into Furry art more. I made a dozen posts and all seemed well. I have a few fur characters ‘from’ ww2, including a nazi, so i looked up Furaffinity’s TOS before posting this character just to be sure. Thats when i found out about all the anticonservative ‘rules’.

    I was a bit heartbroken but kept reading the rules, still thinking all wasn’t yet lost with Furaffinity. That was until i read the lines about ‘no antivaxx posts’, ‘no c19 misinformation in posts’. That was when i told my sister, we had a laugh, and i promptly deleted my Furaffinity account. No one decides my reality for me. If i wanted to be told how to think, i’d watch news, join facebook, or wear a mask like some clowns do. Currently looking at other furry art sites that promote freedom of expression.

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