Screw The Economy

March 23, 2020 Dan Wolfgang 5

Human lives are more important than the economy. The corporate bootlickers in our punditry class respond to this by saying that, without the economy, we […]

The Rings of Amato

October 25, 2019 Dan Wolfgang 0

Joseph stared down at the slip of paper in his hand in disbelief. The words printed on it laid out his next Slayer’s Guild assignment: […]

Ozrune’s Farm

October 25, 2019 Dan Wolfgang 0

Joseph tapped a knuckle against the charred ground and raised an eyebrow. The slayer had seen the blackened land in the distance as he drove […]

Hotel of Darkness

October 6, 2018 Dan Wolfgang 0

Joseph awoke in a bed that was unfamiliar to him. The clouds outside shielded the stars and moon, casting the room into darkness. Silver lay […]

Demon Slayer

October 6, 2018 Dan Wolfgang 1

The air smelled of brimstone as Joseph stood by the window to his room at the inn. It was the scent of trouble for those […]