Contact Us

Part of the fun of what we do is reading and responding to feedback from out content. Below is a list of ways for you to reach us if you wish to chat.



Twitter: @TheQuQu

Gab: @TheQuQu

G+: Qu_Qu

Discord: QuQu#6076


Dan Wolfgang:


Twitter: @Azu_Rayn

@Gab: @Wolfgang

G+: Dan Wolfgang

Discord: Dan Wolfgang#4850


Brand Twitter account: @QuQuMedia

Alternate video platform: Videos mirrored on third-party file hosts now.


We also run the following communities:

The Pook-nostate Telegram server

#AltFurry on (If you prefer qchat, click here.)

The AltFurry Steam Group/Chat

Note: These are all public chatrooms. All logs are published PUBLICLY and can be read by the ENTIRE INTERNET, including trolls and ne’er-do-wells. Consider the content of the messages you post. 

We are an anti-fragile and offensive chat community with simple minimal rules:

  • No Spam
  • No Dox
  • Keep It Legal
  • Don’t Touch the Pooka