The Political Power of the Fursuit

For years, we of the Right Wing have ceded the public discourse to our enemies. We have allowed others to openly advocate for positions that will lead to the destruction of western civilization without any sort of opposition. The left parades through the streets in support of their causes, while we stay inside our homes watching the world crumble before our eyes.

This cannot go on any longer, for the more we allow our enemies to gain ground, the harder it will be to repair the damage that they‘ve done. They have already shoved the overton window so far in their favor that all dissenting opinions are unthinkable in today’s society. But there is one tool that we have at our disposal to turn the tables on them and regain what we have lost: Anonymity.

When one doesn’t have their public reputation attached to their words and actions, it frees them to behave in the way that they really feel. “Give a man a mask and on that day you will meet that man.” And luckily, it is quite common for those of us in the Furry Fandom to wear masks.

Indeed, possibly the most well-known trait of Furries is the act of dressing up in animal costumes and going to public Furry conventions. So at one of these locations, no one will find it odd for someone to be walking around wearing an animal mask because that’s just seen as normal behavior at those events. This means that you can say basically whatever you want while avoiding any lasting negative consequences, so long as you don’t break any laws.

So what I suggest is that we of the Right Wing Furry Fandom, us conservatives who came to love talking animals through such stories as Watership Down and Ducktales, use this power to our advantage. What I suggest is that we go to Furry cons wearing animal masks or fursuits and, with the this anonymity, have discussions with others about our ideals. Find people who are willing to listen to what we have to say and discuss the merits of our values with us in good faith, and begin to persuade them to see things our way.

These discussions could be about any number of topics, such as the benefits of Nationalism and stronger borders, to the value of a clearly defined role for each of the different sexes. You could talk about how women who take on their natural role as a wife and mother are much happier than those who focus on pursuing a business career. You can even name the (((Keebler Elf))) and list in detail all of his crimes against human and animal kind, in public no less, without ever having to worry about a bullet finding its way into the back of your skull.

Sure, any Social Justice Warriors passing by will call you a misogynist, but who cares? They can’t see your face under that mask, so they can’t call your employer to get you fired from your job, and their screeching will only help everyone that the other side is full of crazy people. The most they can do to you by that point is get you booted out of the convention, making you into a martyr for free speech and the free exchange of ideas.

Now, I know plenty of people believe that there can be no Right Wing furries, that they’re utterly shocked when they discover the Alt-Furry movement. But those people don’t know their history, and their ideas about the Furry Fandom begin with DeviantArt and end with Tumblr. And it is because we have allowed our enemies to to gain so much ground that they have cast the more conservative elements of the Furry Fandom’s history into the memory hole.

So not just for the sake of the Furry Fandom, but for the fate of western society as a whole, we must start fighting back against the Social Justice menace and the Cultural Marxists who fund and control them. You should be using every tool at your disposal to fight back, and the power of anonymity, in all it’s forms, is one of our most useful. With it, we can smash the overton window and once again allow all ideas and beliefs to be freely discussed out in the open, free from negative social consequences.

So go out and talk with other furries, one on one, in a calm and reasonable discussion about the things that we value and care about. In your discussions, drop small tidbits of less well-known information that your discussion partner can look into after you both part ways. And wear an animal mask of some kind while doing so, because the people who we are fighting can’t tell that we’re their enemy when we’re wearing one.





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