The Delusion of Atonable Privilege

“History shows that it does not matter who is in power or what revolutionary forces take over the government, those who have not learned to do for themselves and have to depend solely on others never obtain any more rights or privileges in the end than they had in the beginning.” 
― Carter G. Woodson

If there is one concept that has been more central to political divide today than it has ever been in history, it is that of privilege. Sure enough, today it is, to say the least, difficult to avoid coming across tales of various perceived wrongs.

We hear mentions of white privilege, male privilege, the privileges of being straight or cisgendered, the injustices that come from having been born physically or mentally disabled, and the modern sin of having a higher sexual market value for the shallow reason of being more proportionate than others, or worse even, that of being thin rather than overweight.

Amongst this sea of inequities, however, there is one that is seldom mentioned even within the furry fandom, though it is one that is specific to it: the privilege of being a furry, rather than a scalie or avian.

There is a way to describe this blatant act of discrimination under more concrete terms. Furry privilege is the privilege of having a fursona the forms of which are more prevalent than that of others, guaranteeing a higher spot on an artist’s list of priorities; priorities dictating which species they will focus on and develop their expertise for, and sadly, some of us have to sit in the back of the bus.

Truly, scalies, avians, and other more complex, perhaps even custom, species have to face systematic oppression perpetuated by the fandom: artists who can draw them well are harder to find, and when they are found, they come at a higher cost than what a dog would have paid for the same quality. Why should a person’s non-standard capacity for self-expression come with such downsides?

There is but one way to end this bigotry, and that is to force every artist to learn how to draw uncommon and custom species to perfection before they achieve that level of craftsmanship with canines or felines, whilst at the same time lowering their prices to make up for the historic maltreatment of these less fortunate people.

If the above-featured statement in burgundy seemed intellectually disabled yet familiar, it is because the same exact train of thought has been thoroughly abused by proponents of cultural marxism in an attempt to undermine the worth of perceived majority groups or retainers of “power” and promote discriminatory behaviors against individuals belonging to that group.

Society is structured around natural impulses, and of these natural impulses, one is arguably the foundation behind the development of trade, economy, and by extension civilization in populations having a high enough cognitive ability to implement it. What we call an impulse here is a sub-conscious leaning towards a particular behavior, and in this case it is that of co-operation the benefits of which can be described through basic game theory.

However, co-operation is far from being the only human behavior predictable by evolutionary game theory, and for decades mathematicians have been trying and successfully managing to describe the logic behind how people interact with each other on small scales as well as on much bigger scales.

We can for example note that another natural predisposition we have is a mild preference for members of our own in-group, one that is sufficient in explaining the eventual segregation of populations, even without discrimination.

Adding to this mix the desire of one generation to benefit the next, as well as the evolutionary advantage of “mind over body”, we come to realize that what we perceive as privilege is really just the solution to a natural system of equations populations converge to over time.

In other words, individuals that are privileged are privileged because they are part of the solution, and by extension cultural marxist calls for the atonement and dismantlement of said privilege is equivalent to a temper tantrum directed at nature itself, and just like a mother being faced with an unruly toddler, she won’t be the one to secede.

In conclusion, when even mathematics state that globalization endangers social co-operation, all that’s left for the privileged to do is bear the responsibility of being part of the solution, and actively fight against those who don’t realize they are part of the problem.





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