Reflecting on the 2017 Election and The Future

So a couple days ago America held elections in a few states. The mainstream media narrative put forth after these elections has been a resounding victory for the Democratic Party. However, the reality isn’t so straightforward.

For example, in New York, you know the second bluest state in the union, Republicans were running unopposed for seats in local government. Basically, the only thing that the Left had any chance of winning in NY was a couple law changes. The biggest one was voting to hold a Constitutional Convention, which is basically a big expensive event where they decide on changes to the Constitution. This is all paid for by our tax dollars. But that was unanimously struck down, with every single county in the state voting No.

So the blogs and networks parading this recent election as a unanimous victory for the cause of leftism and social justice are just spinning their usual nonsense. It’s just more fake news meant to make leftist snowflakes feel good. Don’t let it get you down. To get to this point the left had to waste a lot of time and energy distracting those of us in the Trump Movement and the Anti-SJW movement.

We have the staff at Marvel Comics attacking their critics and basically doing everything wrong that gaming journalists did to cause GamerGate. We have a satirical Twitter hashtag being used to fearmonger about supposed national socialists in the furry fandom. And we have the NFL protests. Social Justice Warriors are attacking all fronts at once in a mad dash to keep us from getting anything done.

I think this is an intentional distraction. There have been a few controversies in the past under the #ComicsGate hashtag, but none of them really took off until now. The targets that Marvel’s staff have attacked during ComicsGate, such as Diversity & Comics, were specifically chosen for a reason.

Experience has taught me that leaderless movements are impossible outside of anonymous image boards. And even if you appoint a skilled and knowledgeable individual to lead your movement, your enemies will ignore them and prop up whatever target they think is easiest to knock down. That’s why, despite their high traffic volume, ComicsGate opponents have completely ignored the Castalia House blog. The criticism there, such as this piece on the 2016 Ghost In The Shell movie or this one on Warren Ellis’ Planetary, both by Daddy Warpig, are just too damning. Posts like these are a complete narrative inversion, rather than the usual wishy washy crap about wanting stories that embody critical theory and intersectionality to be well written.

But regardless, whether or not these controversies were specifically intended to distract us from the 2017 election is irrelevant. The result is still that barely anyone talked about the candidates during the months leading up to November, and the few that did weren’t listened to enough. This certainly wasn’t for lack of material. The newly election governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, couldn’t even handle a softball question when handed to him.

GLBT groups are claiming that 100 percent of Palm Springs, California’s City Council is part of the GLBTQ, as if that actually means anything. You might as well have a city council made up entirely of furries and anime fans. The result of this will just be increased government control, as it has been with every other supposed “GLBT victory.” Though of course, the people outside the state pushing for California to secede from the union aren’t going to care about that either way.

Virginia was kind of a mess already, with Ed Gillespie refusing to embrace the politics that got Trump elected and losing likely as a result of this. Either way the vote went, the mainstream media would’ve spun it as a loss for the Trump Movement.

So while this is a loss for the Trump Movement, it’s far from the end of the war. There’s still the 2018 election, and we’ve got a full year to plan for it. And the mainstream media parading around the results of this last election is going to backfire. Now all the distractions are fading away as the left gloats over a minor victory, one which did not come without losses.

Also, by declaring victory prematurely, they are creating a few problems for themselves. The most immediate will be causing their own forces to grow complacent with the current situation. You can see this with supposed Anti-SJWs who agree with progressive politics but only to a point. ‘Oh, golly! We have three transwomen in political office now! Progress has been achieved! We did it Reddit!’ And progressives will need to do a lot of work to convince these moderate leftists that there’s more work to be done in the fight for progress. Though in fairness, that is basically what professional social justice advocates like Jonathan McIntosh do for a living.

But a much larger problem they’ll have to face are the new dissenting voices popping up. Every time a new controversy such as GamerGate or ComicsGate happens, more and more people who were apathetic become politically active. If Marvel no longer sells comics that appeal to the majority of Americans, then comic book readers won’t have anything else to do but get involved with politics. That’s what many Gamers did as GamerGate began winding down, and comic readers and football fans will likely do the same.

If anything, one could consider this a pyrrhic victory for the Democrats. It certainly was not worth the time spend kicking up these controversies to keep everyone distracted, and the backlash will hit them twice as hard. At least, assuming that we learn from our own mistakes and actually pay attention during next year’s midterm elections.






  1. If it was indeed deliberate strategy to kick a fleet of nation-level hornet’s nests in order to distract from a couple local governor’s elections, well. Perhaps Scott Adams is right, and there really is a mole.

    • You have to understand the stakes. Their goal right now is to get Trump impeached and they need as many of their politicians in office to see that happen. I think they’re going to try distracting us again in the months leading up to next year’s election. We just need to keep focused, and their strategy won’t work a second time.

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